General Introduction

Please note: Here we introduce R language and the GPT package in R, hence we assume you already have basic knowledge on GPT models and related analysis. If you need to learn more about GPT models, please visit our GPT model website for more information. 
  • What is R language and why we use it 
    • R is a professional and open source language environment for statistics. 
      • R language contains a large number of statistical functions.
      • The open source feature gives us the hope to obtain collaboration from other researchers like you . 
    • R functions can be easily packaged and loaded.
    • R is entirely free. 
    • R is very widely used for statisticians.
      • Most statisticians have been using R and many of them contribute the packages in their specific fields.
    •  Disadvantages of older versions of GPT.exe
      • Some bugs may occur when running.
      • We need more researchers to work with us to enhance the GPT/MPT analysis tools.
  • A quick look into the GPT-R package 
    • What can the package do.
      • Parse XML file into R.
      • Show the power tables of different models and frequency matrix of the experiments.
      • Estimate the model using EM algorithm.
    • What we are now working on.
      • Authoring tools (desktop and web-based version) for XML files against dynamic XSD files.
      • Other estimations such as Bayesian estimation.
      • Simulation program.